The Best Online Dispensary in Canada

As someone who has been using mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries for a long time, I can truly say that I’ve tried almost all of the MOMs and I think I can say that I’ve found the best online dispensary Canada has to offer.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll stop by a dispensary when I’m in downtown Vancouver, but nothing beats the convenience and pricing of an online mail order service to get my medicine.

The Best Online Dispensary in Canada

Out of the 11 MOMs that I’ve tried, I can definitely say that Grass Life is my favourite out of the bunch.

I came across Grass Life when a friend of mine shared one of their contest links and I noticed that they were giving all of their new customers 20% OFF on their first order when they used coupon code, GRASS20% on the checkout page.

You mean to tell me that I can get 20% off buying an ounce? Hell yeah, I’ll definitely take that!

Speaking of Ounces…

So I went through their selection of flower and something immediately caught my eye. They were selling ounces for $100! You read that right, $100!

I thought this was some sort of mistake, but sure enough, I put the Walter White strain in my cart and put in the coupon code I got and the final price read $80! THAT’S INSANE!

Mind you, I knew I was getting a AA strain for that price because they put the star rating next to the strain, but this was the perfect price for some cannabis that I’d use in my vaporizer.

Obviously I wasn’t done shopping though. The next strain I reached for was Blue Dream which had a AAAA rating and was still priced excellently. My LP doesn’t have anywhere near as good prices.

I went to the order checkout with my batches of flower and used their E-Transfer method to pay for it.

Now it was time to wait.

Delivery Times

Many mail order marijuana services in Canada take about 2-3 business days to ship products and Grass Life was able to get me my medicine in just two short days.

Every time I had ordered since it has always been either next day or the day after so I’m definitely super happy with the consistent delivery times.

The Packaging

best online dispensary canadaThis is where Grass Life blows everyone out of the water! If you’re going to be the best online dispensary Canada has, you better look like it. Grass Life definitely makes you feel that way.

Even more so, it makes you feel like you’re apart of some luxury club, opening up an expensive watch or some awesome new tech.

While the packaging isn’t as important as the quality of the weed itself, it definitely helps give you a connection with the product you’re buying, versus some plain Jane white box with shitty packaging like the company isn’t even trying.

In addition, everything inside was vacuum-sealed and in layers, which prevents any smell from getting out.

Once you get through those layers of safety, you’ll be presented with their beautiful product packaging which shows how much of a high quality dispensary Grass Life really is.

I forgot to take a picture of the product packaging because I was so eager to try everything out, but you can see their YouTube video below to get an idea of it.


Strain Review

I’ve got to say that the Blue Dream from Grass Life was the best Blue Dream I’ve ever had, and trust me, I tend to get it a lot because of its amazing health benefits for stress and depression. I also tend to use it after a jog as its recovery benefits are also incredibly effective.

While my camera isn’t the most amazing camera out there, you can see the sweet sugary trichomes that dominate the buds and provide an extremely pleasant high.

Speaking of high, this hybrid strain won’t make you paranoid like a sativa would, but it also doesn’t leave you sleepy like an indica would. It’s a great happy medium and the quality that Grass Life has when it comes to this strain (and their other strains) is what makes them the best.

best online dispensary Canada

Final Thoughts

There are many MOMs and LPs out there, but if I had to pick the best online dispensary in Canada, it would definitely be Grass Life.

Their packaging, customer support, order selection, prices and quality are just solid 10/10’s and I have never had anything to complain about when dealing with them.

I’ve definitely switched over to almost exclusively just using them as I know that I’ll get an amazing experience every time, whereas other places can sometimes be good, but then sometimes outright awful.

If you’re going to order from them, make sure to use the coupon code GRASS20% to get 20% off your first order because it definitely saves you a ton of money!

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