Best Place to Buy Shatter Online in Canada

First off, if you’ve never had a chance to try shatter or any other concentrate before, I highly (get it?) recommend it. In terms of getting the most out of your medicine, there isn’t a better way to consume cannabis.

In order to use the shatter, though, you’ll need to get yourself a dab rig and I’ll post a link on the bottom of this post where I got mine but you can get them at most smoke shops.

Anyways, let’s get into it!

“Where Can I Buy Shatter Online in Canada?”

There are many mail order marijuana (MOM) websites out there and chances are that anyone you’ll visit has shatter.

And more specifically, almost every one of them will either carry shatter from Phyto Extractions or Wonka Extracts.

I’ll get into which one of the two is the better option, but if every MOM is carrying the same products, where’s the best place to buy shatter online in Canada?

If you’ve read my review on the home page, I discussed The Best Online Dispensary in Canada, and out of all the MOMs I’ve tried, was definitely my favourite in terms of value, pricing, packaging, quality and customer service.

buy shatter online canada

With shatter, it’s no different.

If every MOM is selling the same extracts, you’ll obviously want to deal with the MOM that offers the best price and shipping times to get your package ASAP!

What I love about Grass Life is that they’ve got the best prices around, but they’ve also got a 20% OFF coupon that you can use on your first order which is amazing when it comes to the price of shatter.

If you want the coupon code, just type GRASS20% in the coupon code section and you’ll get a 20% discount on an already inexpensive product.

“What’s the Best Shatter Brand?”

Now that we’ve settled on where to buy shatter online in Canada, it’s time to settle on the brand that’s going to get you the best possible experience.

1. Wonka Extracts

While not as popular as Phyto Extractions, Wonka Extracts is definitely my favourite of the two. Why?

Not only do they have a variety of amazing flavours to choose from, but the flavours are actually tasty and provide you with a pleasant smoking experience on a consistent basis.

I say consistent basis because there are other brands out there that are hit-and-miss when it comes to the taste and I want to know that I’m going to have a great experience smoking shatter every time.

And the price? The price is definitely right!

2. Phyto Extractions

While Phyto Extractions isn’t bad, it’s not consistent and I’m sure many people will attest to that.

And that’s my gripe with the company, when it’s great, it’s great! But I’ve had a batch before that just wasn’t as good as my last one and it turns into a disappointing experience, rather than a pleasant one.

In terms of pricing, it’s the same price as Wonka Extracts on Grass Life but other websites try to sell it for more for some odd reason.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a fan of Wonka Extracts or Phyto Extractions, or whether you haven’t tried either one, you definitely want to buy shatter online in Canada from if you want the best prices and service.

Besides that, I personally recommend trying out Wonka Extracts. My favourite flavours so far are the Sour Candy and Grape Drink but that’s because I tend to like those style of flavours, but they’ve also got Chocolate Kush for those of you with a sweet tooth.